About the last band in the world you would think would be affected by violence at a show was on Saturday night (July 28), as Tenacious D's performance at Las Vegas' House of Blues was cut short after an altercation between two audience members resulted in a stabbing.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Jack Black and Kyle Gass were halfway through their set at Mandalay Bay when a fight broke out that resulted in one of the two men being stabbed in the leg.

TMZ reports eyewitnesses as saying that there was a large pool of blood seen in the bar area on the right side near the stage after the incident. Audience members were reportedly told not to leave until the area was secured.

Though details about the stabbing were scarce, the person on the receiving end was reportedly rushed to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Meanwhile, the other person in the altercation was taken into custody and police were not said to be looking for any other suspects.

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