The members of Styx have announced that Rock to the Rescue, the nonprofit organization they co-founded with REO Speedwagon, has donated a sizable sum to relief for families affected by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

"We feel terribly saddened and outraged by these attacks," explained guitarist Tommy Shaw in a press release. "We hope that our contribution will help ease some of the pain and some of the expenses of what this means to the families as they go through the process of grieving and bringing their loved ones home."

As Shaw went on to explain, the donation — which amounts to a $25,000 contribution to the Sweet Stuff Foundation — was partly spurred by the band's feeling of kinship with Eagles of Death Metal, whose Nov. 13 show in Paris was a flashpoint for much of the horrific violence that unfolded in the city.

"This hits home for us because we’re also on the same label, and we deeply love our employees and our crew," Shaw added. "Our hearts, minds, and prayers are with all the victims, and we urge all fans of Styx, Eagles of Death Metal, and classic rock who feel touched by this to join us in contributing. Thank you from everyone in the Styx family for your compassion."

The Sweet Stuff Foundation, a nonprofit founded by Eagles of Death Metal co-founder Josh Homme, is dedicated to providing "assistance to career musicians, recording engineers and their families struggling with illness and disability," and has pledged to donate all proceeds gathered through Dec. 31 to Paris relief efforts. To learn more and to donate, visit the foundation's website.

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