They've had over a decade to get things just right, so why are Aerosmith bumping back the release date of their long-awaited new album 'Music From Another Dimension'? According to Steven Tyler, there's a relatively simple -- albeit disappointingly un-rock 'n' roll -- explanation.

During a recent visit to Alan Cox's show on WMMS in Cleveland, Tyler was asked why the band decided to drop 'Dimension' on November 6 instead of the originally announced Aug. 28 release date. "Too many [other notable recording artists] are releasing [new albums] those weeks," responded Tyler, who might know something we don't -- while the late-summer schedule includes new albums from veteran acts such as Mark Knopfler, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robert Cray, the reunited Saga, and long-dormant indie power pop legends Shoes, none of them would seem to have enough commercial clout to make Aerosmith blink.

Regardless, Tyler insisted, "We don't wanna step on their release dates. So we said, 'You know what? We've got the goods. [There] ain't no doubt about it. We'll wait another couple of months.'"

As Blabbermouth notes, this isn't the first time shifting dates have gotten the better of 'Music from Another Dimension' -- the album was originally supposed to get an early promotional push from the inclusion of 'Legendary Child' on the 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' soundtrack, but the film got bumped too, all the way to spring 2013.


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