If this whole Late Show thing doesn't work out, perhaps Stephen Colbert can return to his first love: singing Rolling Stones songs for fun and profit.

The late-night host was reminded of his rock 'n' roll past during a recent visit to Howard Stern's show, which found Colbert reminiscing about his teenage days fronting a Stones-heavy cover band. "We were called Shot in the Dark — we called ourselves 'A S--- in the Dark' because we sucked so badly," he joked, telling Stern that his go-to song was "Brown Sugar." As he told Rolling Stone in a 2009 interview, his stage wardrobe was also inspired by Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

"We weren't really a cover band, but I wore a tight jersey like Mick – a soccer jersey with a number zero on it that said COLBERT across the back," he recalled, adding that the shirt was also a way of paying tribute to his older brother Peter, who was killed in a 1974 plane crash that also claimed the lives of his father and another brother, Paul. "My brother Peter had been number zero. That was his jersey."

Colbert downplayed the group's repertoire during an interview with the Telegraph the year before, shrugging that "We just played a handful of little local gigs for beer" and joking that his memories of the gigs had been lost to marijuana. 'I can't remember which songs we did — maybe 'Jumpin' Jack Flash.'"

Still, he was more than willing to leap back into his Jagger impression when prodded by Stern, jumping off the couch to show off a few Jagger-like dance moves and treat the audience to a bit of "Brown Sugar." Check out a clip from the show above, and keep an eye on your local listings for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Sept. 8.

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