Rock music has often taken a somewhat dim view of armed conflict by exposing the human cost of war in its lyrics. But that's not to say that rock and roll doesn't honor the soldiers themselves. In fact, the following 20 songs about soldiers alternately celebrate their courage and mourn their loss.

In the below gallery, there are some names, like Bruce Springsteen, Iron Maiden and Sting, whose catalogs have numerous songs that detail the sacrifices soldiers have made for their countries. But there are also some tracks from artists not usually associated with social commentary, like Sammy Hagar and Heart.

While the classic rock era corresponded with the Vietnam War, our list is not restricted to songs about it. In fact, you'll read about tunes that reference battles that took place as far back as the 13th century, and you'll see how some rockers have recently tackled the conflicts that continue to shape our national discussion.

From the horrors of war to a military industrial complex run wild, from proud flag-waving to a critique of America's treatment of its veterans, our songs about soldiers looks at their contributions from various angles. Check it all out below

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