You never forget your first. Of course, we're talking about guitars. Did you think we meant something else? The nerve of some people. Either way, in a new interview, Slash discusses the instruments on which he got his start.

Although he's so closely associated with the Gibson Les Paul (and even has his own signature model) that it appears to be attached to his body, it took Slash a while before he got his hands on one. "My first guitar that I ever got was a one-string, Spanish acoustic guitar," he told All Axess. "I had that one string on there for a pretty long time before I learned how to put the other five strings on."

When he switched to electric guitar, he got a Les Paul. However, it wasn't a Gibson, but rather a knock-off by Memphis that he loved, but eventually learned that it "wasn't really that great a guitar." Slash also expresses fondness for a late-70s model B.C. Rich Mockingbird, which he says is his first really good guitar that he wishes he still had.

Eventally he captured his white whale, or rather the Les Paul that he's been recording with ever since 'Appetite for Destruction.' You can catch Slash on tour behind his new album, 'Apocalyptic Love,' through early August.

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