While Sammy Hagar finds both presidential hopefuls lacking, he says their candidacy will bring about something important in the U.S.

"I think the country needs a huge change," Hagar told Yahoo! Music. "Whether it be [Donald] Trump or Hillary [Clinton], both of them would be a huge, huge change. That will really cause the people to shake things up – and I don't think either one of them are going to be good. But we do need a change, so maybe it will cause something to happen and maybe we'll get an alternative in there again."

Given the choice, Hagar said he's "never had two less likable candidates in my life." Still, he appears to be leaning toward Trump, whom Hagar praises because he "busts people's balls and says things that are politically incorrect. Amen!"

Hagar has a more complicated relationship with Bernie Sanders, who was unable to secure the Democratic nomination running on a Socialist platform. "I gotta say, Bernie, to me, he was the only guy who would take my fortune and rip it to shreds, but I would be okay with that if it went to the people," Hagar said. "If he really wants to feed people, and help poor people, that's okay. That's a good thing. That's what America is about, and what it still should be about.”

With all of that being said, the former Van Halen singer understands the potential controversy involved with speaking out about politics. "It's like nowadays you can't say s---," he added. "Somebody's pissed, you can't say this, you can't say that. So if you say you like this person or this person, you lose that person and that person. So I think musicians and artists should stay the f--- out of politics."

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