Indecisiveness isn’t the worst trait for a band, so long as that band is killer enough to be worth the drama.

Such is the case with Chickenfoot, who have decided not to call their new album 'IV' as first reported. However, in a previously taped interview, frontman Sammy Hagar explains the non-jokey reasoning behind the discarded title, saying Chickenfoot has progressed so quickly as a band since their self-titled first album that they “just skipped over ‘II’ and ‘III' and went right to ‘IV.’”

"We took a giant step on this record,” he told Artisan News. “It still sounds like Chickenfoot, 'cause it's the same guys, but I think the experience that we had together on tour and the success of the last record really opened us up to who and what we are. The first record we just threw it together and said, 'Oh, so that's what we are…'"

Bassist Michael Anthony recently revealed, presumably after Sammy's interview was taped, that the band is no longer calling the release 'Chickenfoot IV.' No replacement album title has been released, but song titles have been disclosed, including "Last Temptation," 'Something's Gone Wrong,' 'Dubai Blues," "Different Devil,' 'No Change,' 'Who's Next,' 'Astral Years' and first single 'Bigfoot.'

Hagar added that the chemistry between Anthony, guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith (who won't be touring with the band this year due to Red Hot Chili Peppers duties) – works because “we’re all grown up.”

"…Nobody cares, no one needs the money, no one's trying to get famous, we're not looking for fame and fortune,” he said. “We just wanna play the kind of music that we love and we grew up on and continue that type of music and most people aren't doing that."

Hagar also reported the album, out Sept. 27, is much heavier than the band’s 2009 debut, in line with what Anthony has told the press.

Who cares what the album is called-- we just want to hear it, right?!

Sammy Hagar Explains New Chickenfoot Album

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