The members of Rush share memories of their 1974-75 tour with Kiss in a clip from their upcoming concert documentary Time Stand Still.

The segment, which you can watch above, finds frontman Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson looking back on the Bag, a goofy character Lifeson would bring out backstage by dropping a paper bag on his head and stuffing his hands in his pants. As Lee and Lifeson recalled, the Bag bit was a hit with Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley — but not so much with Frehley's no-nonsense bandmate Gene Simmons, who had little tolerance for their drug-enhanced shenanigans.

"Gene was very, very upset with the Bag," admits Lifeson. "And that made Ace even happier." "Gene was straight," adds Lee. "He wasn't high like we were. He had a different sense of reality when he came into Ace's room. We were drinking and smoking and generally being idiots."

As previously reported, Rush's Time Stand Still documentary commemorates the band's R40 tour with what's described as "a raw, intimate and vivid look" at the shows as well as "a documentary event which covers the R40 tour and the unique relationship Rush have with their devoted fans."

To that end, Time Stand Still includes new interview clips, such as the one above, in addition to concert footage. Rush fans will have a chance to check it out on the big screen on Nov. 3, when the movie makes its theatrical debut via a special one-night engagement at select locations. Check your local listings at the official site.

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