Rush are giving fans a hi-def treat for their 40th anniversary.

The Rush Is a Band site has turned up product information for 'R40,' a six-disc Blu-ray box that collects the band's five most recent concert films ('Rush in Rio,' 'R30,' 'Snakes & Arrows Live,' 'Time Machine' and 'Clockwork Angels Tour') alongside a sixth disc of career-spanning bonus material.

It's that final disc that will likely be of primary interest to collectors, as it includes footage from Rush's 1974 Laura Secord Secondary School show, a 1976 Passaic, N.J., Capitol Theatre concert, a 1988 performance of 'Lock and Key,' film from their 1997 shows at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre, the 'I Still Love You Man' video from 2011 and footage from the band's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2013.

"2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Rush's eponymous debut album in 1974," reads the set's description. "This superb collector's box set brings together live performances by Rush from each decade of their career. Rush are renowned for the energy and excitement of their live concerts, and this set brings together some of their finest performances. The six Blu-ray discs are contained in a stunning 56-page hardback book measuring 305mm x 225mm with the six discs contained in five additional rigid insert pages. The 56 pages of the book are filled with memorabilia and photographs documenting 40 years of Rush live in concert. This is the ultimate collection of Rush live performances, beautifully presented."

'R40' is currently scheduled for a Nov. 17 release in Europe; at present, it doesn't appear as though the box has a U.S. release date, although that will presumably change shortly.

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