Going on tour might look glamorous, but it actually involves a lot of preparation and hard work -- even if you've been doing it for half a century, like the Rolling Stones.

Rolling Stone took a peek behind the scenes of the Stones' upcoming '50 and Counting' tour, speaking with each of the band members about what they do to get ready for the road. Unsurprisingly, it involves a fair amount of physical training.

"Personally, I start preparing about two months before the tour starts. So I have to up my fitness level and I have to start singing everyday, doing practices and a bit of dancing," offered Mick Jagger, who added that part of his routine consists of practicing his dance moves in front of a mirror.

For drummer Charlie Watts, the length of the band's current sets means having to double down on his physical prep -- and rehearsing twice as much material. But after all this time, the playing comes naturally. "The communication between me and Charlie and Keith and Ronnie, it's really quite easy," explained Jagger, while Keith Richards added, "Charlie gives me a little signal, a certain little rap that he's ready to go. Then Ronnie and I, we just pass looks at each other all the time."

The '50 and Counting' tour, which kicked off in late 2012 with a handful of special dates, picks back up in early May.