A day after we learned that rumors of the legendary's groups pending retirement were unfounded, there's now reportedly some movement in the Rolling Stones camp.

Rolling Stone magazine reports that the group is meeting to discuss plans to mark their 50th anniversary and may try to get in one show this year, with a larger run to follow in 2013. Guitarist Keith Richards was quoted as saying, "I'd like to get a couple of shows down and see how it goes, but I'd love it."

The band reportedly met in late April in New York to rehearse for the first time since their 'A Bigger Bang' tour ended in 2007. The group will reportedly meet up again in July in London to discuss further performance possibilities. "It's all very hush-hush," says Richards. "I'm going over to London for a bit, so I'll find out more then."

The guitarist also suspects the topic of a new album will also be broached, though nothing is set in stone. He adds, "I'd love to get some tracks down and see what songs we've got. And that goes along with part of getting the band back together and getting things moving. So I'd love to cut some tracks, yeah."

As for that April rehearsal, it was tied to a new Rolling Stones documentary. The band had a film crew on hand as they played such favorites as 'Beast of Burden,' 'Fool to Cry,' 'Gimme Shelter,' and 'Respectable' among others. The film is expected to debut this fall.

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