With their new song, 'Doom and Gloom' getting plenty of airplay on rock radio, it was only a matter of time before the Rolling Stones released a video for the song. That day has come, and as you can see we have the video embedded above.

The video stars Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, who has starred in 'Prometheus' and the Swedish film versions of the Stieg Larsson 'Girl with the..."' books. Rapace is trying to sleep, but the scruffy rock and/or roll combo in the warehouse next door are making too much noise. Given that her bed is directly underneath a giant neon Stones logo, she shouldn't have been expected to get much peace and quiet.

A three-guitar attack (yes, three. Mick Jagger is briefly spotted holding a Telecaster) kicks off the song, as the narrative follows the song's topical lyrics. The scenes change from an airplane to a 'True Blood'-like scenario to a war zone to Wall Street. There's a surreal, almost hallucinogenic quality, to the proceedings, with bright, saturated colors and garbage strewn about the place. In one shot, money literally is being thrown down a toilet.

Every few seconds or so, the video cuts back to the warehouse, with Keith Richards and Ron Wood slashing away on their guitars, Charlie Watts looking bored (as always), and the frontman showing that only one person in the world moves like Jagger. The band look lean and tough, but you also can't help but notice that they're given the same bright, soft-focus lighting given to Barbara Walters on 'The View' to try to disguise her age.

However, understand that there are a few flashes Rapace's bare breasts, so you may want to think twice about watching the video on the train or bus through the Stones' new iPhone app. Some members of the UCR staff learned about that a little too late.

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