Most of us weren't able to travel to London's Somerset House to celebrate the Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary last month, so a new video the band has posted will have to do.

The nearly three-and-a-half minute video recounts the grand July 12 night at the vaunted venue while the sounds of the band's hit single, 'Emotional Rescue,' soundtrack the clip. In the video itself, we see some of the setup that went into the massive photo exhibition showcasing 50 years worth of the band's history as well as some of the exhibits themselves from the night.

Also included in the video is the photo shoot from the Marquee Club, where the band played their first gig a half century ago. The final portion of the video shows their arrival at the Somerset House for the bash, as the viewers get to see the blinding flash of lightbulbs anytime the band members are near each other.

It was truly a splendid night for the band, and the newly commissioned video gives the viewer a more in-depth look than has been granted of the events from their 50th Anniversary week.

And remember, it was during the event at Somerset House where Mick Jagger told reporters that he felt they might return to the stage in "autumn." As the summer days grow shorter, there may be some more Rolling Stones memories just ahead on the horizon.

Watch a Video Montage of the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Celebration