The owners of Cleveland's skinniest jeans and most up-to-the-minute haircuts were treated to a dose of the Rolling Stones during the Wild Flag concert at the Grog Shop last night (Oct. 10), as the four-piece all-female rock band closed out their show with a killer version of 'Beast of Burden.'

Wild Flag is a new alternative supergroup, featuring two of the three members of the stupendous and much-missed Sleater-Kinney -- singer/guitarist Carrie Brownstein and drummer Janet Weiss. If you wanna hear a very loud, modern, guitar-heavy record made by forward-thinking musicians who are also unafraid to show their love for Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, check out their final album, the 2005 masterpiece 'The Woods.'

In Wild Flag, they are joined by Mary Timony (vocals, guitar) of the fellow beloved indie rockers Helium, and Rebecca Cole of the Minders, who filled in the low end throughout the show with frequently show-stealing keyboards and angelic backing vocals. They're touring in support of their tightly coiled but still dynamic self-titled debut album, which is highly recommended.

So there we were, me and Wardlaw, having a good night off at a show we didn't expect to have to write about for UCR, and oh, hey guess what? For the encore of their set, which blended tight punk-influenced songs with long, improvised guitar explorations, Wild Flag busted out the sultry opening riff of 'Beast of Burden,' and ran through the whole thing straight-faced and very impressively, without even switching the gender roles in the lyrics.

If the internet can be trusted, they've been performing this song at a lot of their recent shows, and if you check out the video we think you'll agree they do a pretty great job with it. True, anybody else's rendition on some level reinforces the fact that there's only one Mick Jagger - both the message and delivery of this song are so audacious, you can't help but notice the holes left, the vocal dares not taken. But that doesn't change the fact that Wild Flag's version of 'Beast of Burden' was a damn good ending to a great show.

Watch Wild Flag Perform the Rolling Stones' 'Beast of Burden'