If we had to sign a few thousand autographs, we'd start getting loopy after a while — and Roger Waters apparently would too.

The reissue site Super Deluxe Edition reports that certain copies of the (ahem) super deluxe edition of Waters' The Wall concert film have shipped with autographs signed by the Pink Floyd co-founder under assumed names such as Jimmy Smith and Johnny Dodds.

"What is going on here? And who is Jimmy Smith fella? Was Roger so bored while signing 3,000 of these sets that he thought he’d ‘have a laugh’ (let’s face it, not something he’s known for) and sign someone else’s name? Presumably," reads part of SDE's report. "Or maybe a lackey called Jimmy Smith was told to sign for Roger, but accidentally wrote his own name – who knows?!"

As the site's commenters were quick to point out, the unusual signatures fit a theme, all honoring deceased jazz legends. One fan quoted an email from Waters' manager, Mark Fenwick, who reportedly responded to a query by saying, "Roger’s ‘autograph’ is genuine and what is more, that in the style of signing, it’s totally unique to the limited edition of this package."

Some fans have expressed outright annoyance with Waters' inside joke — which is to be expected, given the package's $500 price point — but if you aren't among the few who ponied up for the set, it's a little easier to appreciate the humor. Perhaps Fenwick will kick in complimentary copies of Waters' upcoming solo album to help smooth things over.

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