Some guys have all the luck, while others end up in court — and getting divorced — after their wives have a tendon ruptured by a soccer ball Rod Stewart sent flying into the audience at one of his shows.

Michigan resident Patricia Boughton sued Stewart on Nov. 13, 1990, alleging that she sustained injuries stemming from the singer's antics during a 1989 appearance at the Pine Knob Music Theatre near Detroit. According to Boughton's lawsuit, she was left permanently disfigured when Stewart — continuing a popular tradition at his concerts — kicked a soccer ball into the crowd that hit the middle finger of her left hand.

Boughton's distress was shared by her husband Stephen, who added his own claim of "loss of companionship" to the lawsuit, telling reporters that after the injury, it was "very difficult" for the couple to "get into sexual activity." As he put it, "If she hit that hand on something, it was all over."

Stewart Kept Kicking Soccer Balls at Concerts for Years

The Boughtons, who ended up divorcing, ultimately settled for a $17,000 judgment — less than the $75,000 they were originally seeking, and certainly not enough to convince Stewart to stop kicking balls into his concert crowds. He continued the act for decades, despite facing legal action from a number of fans, including one who said he had difficulty hanging onto his job after having his little finger snapped by the "reckless and stupid" incident, and another who claimed one of Stewart's balls broke his nose.

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In 2022, Stewart struck one of his own associates in the face with a soccer ball during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl. "It broke his glasses. He's still having operations. It was very upsetting for both of us," the singer relayed months later, adding that he jokingly told his friend, "You've got to keep your eye on the ball in all sports, mate."

It wasn't until May 2023 that Stewart finally decided to stop his soccer antics -- however not without compromise. The singer now enlists the female members of his band to softly throw balls into the audience, believing that they are less likely to hurt anybody.

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