Rod Stewart has announced a fall release for his 30th solo studio album, titled Another Country.

The new LP arrives roughly two and a half years after Stewart's most recent effort, Time — and like that outing, the new tracks find him actively contributing on the songwriting front. Although one early report suggested that these recordings would fit into the country genre, that appears to have been a misunderstanding triggered by the album title.

According to comments made by Stewart at a recent upfront hosted by his label, Capitol Records, Another Country could end up being one of his most topical sets. "I've wondered about being in the armed forces, away from your sweetheart and your family," he said during a Q&A hosted by HitFix columnist Melinda Newman. "That must be heartbreaking ... that is what Another Country is all about."

As far as what Another Country will sound like, Stewart doesn't appear to have given too much away during his upfront remarks, but during an interview with Vegas Player magazine last year, he hinted at an eclectic set, saying he'd been experimenting with reggae, ska and Celtic melodies.

Although he's produced original material sporadically in recent years, enjoying a commercially successful stretch in which he focused on recording covers of popular songs by other artists, Stewart has insisted that renewing his songwriting efforts for Time has led to a lasting change in perspective. In an interview last fall, he mused, "I’ve got 10 tracks ready for the new album. I’ve got songs coming out of my bum at the moment. I just wish I could have had this 25 or 30 years ago. I was enjoying myself too much then."

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