Counting down the best rock mustaches in honor of "Movember" means combing through the photo books of rock history to find the most outrageous, daring and influential facial hairstyles ever paraded around in public. Obviously, as with any creative art, there's no objective measure of style or quality, but we think we've represented the big names and important looks here, in our list of the Top 10 Rock Mustaches:

  • 10

    Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix rocked this modest little 'stache most of his his life, but the potential was there for so much more -- much like his career. Sure, he was the Greatest Guitarist That Ever Lived, but do you ever wonder what he'd be doing musically if he were alive today? And, more importantly, what his facial hair would look like?

    Central Press, Getty Images
  • 9

    Axl Rose

    Guns N' Roses

    Is Axl Rose's new one a "ginger horseshoe" as the experts at the the American Mustache Institute classified it, or a just a classic handlebar as most often described? Either way, it's another bold fashion choice from a rock star who's never shied away from making them.

    Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images
  • 8

    John, George and Ringo

    The Beatles

    All four Beatles famously sported mustaches on the cover of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,' but Paul shaved his off in time for the press conference pictured here announcing the landmark album. How do we know this tidbit of useless trivia? The officially unofficial Beatles Moustache Index, that's how.

    John Pratt, Hulton Archive
  • 7

    Derek Smalls

    Spinal Tap

    Derek Smalls is a fictional character in the rockumentary band Spinal Tap. His facial hair, on the other hand, is anything but small and very, very real. Or is it?

    Dave Hogan, Getty Images
  • 6

    Phil Lynott

    Thin Lizzy

    Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott was rocking the porn-star mustache before it was even widely known as the porn-star mustache -- that's how freaking cool he was.

    Evening Standard, Getty Images
  • 5

    Frank Beard

    ZZ Top

    How crazy is it that the one dude without a beard in this trio famous for having two men with legendary beards is named Frank Beard? He does have a pretty sweet 'stache though.

    Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
  • 4

    David Crosby

    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

    The man who once released a solo album titled 'If I Could Only Remember My Name' in a flash of self-depracating brilliance also rarely remembers to shave his upper lip, and the world is a better place for it.

    Eugene Gologursky, Getty Images
  • 3

    Lemmy Kilmister


    Of course one of the biggest badasses in rock 'n' roll history also has one of the best mustaches, a classic Fu Manchu. Or is it a horseshoe? Really, it doesn't matter. Lemmy can call it whatever the hell he wants.

    Jo Hale, Getty Images
  • 2

    Frank Zappa

    Arguably the most famous rock 'n' roll facial hair to ever roam the face of the Earth, Zappa's signature scruff -- a handlebar-meets-soul-path combo -- not only has its own name ("The Zappa") but even it's own Facebook page.

    Evening Standard, Getty Images
  • 1

    Duane Allman

    Allman Brothers Band

    ABB are definitely well-represented in the Amazing Facial Hair wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with Duane's lamb-chop-sideburns-into-the-horseshoe mustache of course leading the charge.

    Michael Ochs Archives, Getty Images