Imagine Robert Plant knocking at your door. Imagine he's a salesman offering to put new asphalt on your driveway – and that the name of his company is Black Dog Tarmac Ltd.

That's the idea behind the former Led Zeppelin frontman's cameo appearance in an upcoming British indie comedy called Doreen: The Movie. Based on the life of a Birmingham Mail columnist, the movie stars Gill Jordan as Doreen, a character that first made it big on YouTube.

Doreen: The Movie is set to arrive in select U.K. theaters in October. You can watch the clip above. Plant, meanwhile, has tour dates booked throughout Europe into September. Apparently, he's working those shows around his new side job.

Doreen's friend Doris answers the door when Plant knocks and relays his sales pitch. “Good afternoon, madam," Plant, 66, says. "I just happen to have outside a truck with half a load of Tarmacadam. Would you care for a little bitumen slapped up your alley? A small amount of Tarmac for your drive?” (For those as confused as we are by all this, Tarmacadam is a brand name road-surfacing material; bitumen is another name for asphalt.)

Doreen relays the obvious question of whether Plant will be doing the work for free, to which he replies, “I’m quite solvent at the moment, but I could do with a little bit, a pinch here and there for some apple juice.” No way, says Doreen, who's busy reading a book during all this: “Tell him to bugger off.”

Before Plant shuffles away, muttering, "There must be an easier way to make ends meet,” he pushes a business card through Doreen's mail slot. It's there that we learn Black Dog Tarmac Ltd.'s Zeppelin-referencing slogan: "Your Driveway to Heaven."

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