Richard Marx has announced that his new album, Songwriter, will arrive on Sept. 30.

The LP will cover four different styles of music — pop, rock, country and ballads — and feature collaborations between Marx and Burt Bacharach, Keith Urban and David Hodges of Evanescence, as well as two of Marx's sons, Lucas and Jesse.

"I’ve had such an amazing opportunity in my songwriting career to write all kinds of songs with, and for, all kinds of artists," Marx said in a press release. "It finally occurred to me that there was no reason not to record an album of my own that touches on multiple genres I love."

Marx has also released the first single from the album, "Same Heartbreak Different Day." You can listen to it below.

Marx's book, Stories to Tell: A Memoir, came out last summer. This summer he's playing a  European tour before returning to the States to play a run of shows. A complete list of dates can be found on Marx's website. You can see the track listing for the new LP below.

Richard Marx, 'Songwriter' Track Listing
1. "Same Heartbreak Different Day" (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx, Michael Jade)
2. "Believe in Me" (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx)
3. "Anything" (Richard Marx/Bruce Weigner)
4. "Moscow Calling" (Richard Marx)
5. "Only a Memory" (Richard Marx/Adam Messinger)

1. "Shame on You" (Richard Marx/Jesse Marx)
2. "Just Go" (Richard Marx)
3. "My Love, My Enemy" (Richard Marx/Matt Scannell)
4. "One More Yesterday" (Richard Marx/Chris Daughtry/Jason Wade)
5. "We Are Not Alone" (Richard Marx/Jesse Marx)

1. "Everything I’ve Got" (Richard Marx)
2. "One Day Longer" (Richard Marx/Keith Urban)
3. "Breaking My Heart" (Richard Marx/Darius Rucker/David Hodges)
4. "Misery Loves Company" (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx/Bruce Weigner)
5. "We Had It All (Richard Marx/Randy Hauser/Brice Long)

1. "Always" (Richard Marx/Burt Bacharach)
2. "Still in My Heart" (Richard Marx/Richard Page)
3. "As If We’ll Never Love Again" (Richard Marx/Gary Burr)
4. "Never After" (Richard Marx/Topher Brown)
5. "Maybe" (Richard Marx)

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