Poor taste or just a coincidence? Some fans of the Allman Brothers Band may be bristling after Geico used the band's song 'Midnight Rider' in a new ad featuring a man made of money, riding a motorcycle. Given the band's history with motorcycles, the connection is difficult to overlook.

Is it offensive? That's for UCR readers to decide in the readers poll below. Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1971. Bassist Berry Oakley died in a motorcycle accident one year later. The two deaths are amongst the most well-known rock tragedies of all time.

In the ad, a man made of money is enjoying a ride on a mountainside highway. He smiles as dollar bills blow from his body, the idea being that the insurer can save motorcyclists money if they go with Geico. At least he's wearing a helmet. So what's your vote -- is this in poor taste or a proper use of an undeniably awesome song?