Ratt's full-length major label debut turns 30 in March, and singer Stephen Pearcy says the band is marking the anniversary the best way it knows how: by cranking up the amps and recording some new music.

Telling Noize in the Attic that he and guitarist Warren DeMartini are in the studio, Pearcy promised that the next record will hearken back to 1984's 'Out of the Cellar. "Warren and I are spearheading the next record to be what it should be: a more 'Out of the Cellar' thing. Just real hardcore, basically," explained Pearcy. "We’ve already recorded one track -- and if this song is the only song ever released, I’d be way happy. We have so much good music we haven’t even tapped into. It’s good stuff."

The new set will serve as the follow-up to 2010's 'Infestation' LP, which returned the band to the Top 40 of Billboard's U.S. album chart for the first time since 1990. Of course, as Ratt fans are well aware, the group's lineup is always in danger of shifting, and although the Ratt roster currently includes bassist Juan Croucier and drummer Bobby Blotzer, it's anyone's guess who will actually end up playing on this thing (or joining the band on tour) once the record's out.

In the meantime, Pearcy says Ratt will be laying relatively low. "We’re trying not to do shows, even though there are some on the books," he said. “We want a record out -- that’s what we want. Our 30th anniversary and our 10th record."

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