Hearing that a Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’ single sold for over $19,000 on eBay is probably enough to make sardonic singer Johnny Rotten’s middle fingers fly high. It’s hard to imagine that a band whose message was so anti-establishment merits such monetary value on an institutionalized auction site.

The 7” sold for $12, 629 British Pounds which equals approximately $19,643.00 in USA currency. No matter what side of the sea you’re on, that’s a lot of dosh for a record. Still, this is no ordinary piece of wax and that’s why the winning bid went off the charts.

One of two 7” copies known to exist, this ‘God Save The Queen’ single backed with ‘No Feelings’ is a promotional acetate and as the seller implies, could be considered “the zenith in any collection.” Many fans believed this single to be a myth until this copy surfaced in 2006.

Purchased by the seller from the original owner, the legendary Roger Austen, this sale included a providence letter which details the events that led to Austen acquiring the gem just before its official release. Furthermore, this rare 7” was authenticated by David ‘Dizzy’ Holmes of Detour Records, who owns the other existing copy.

This gem is a pretty good find for a serious Sex Pistols collector but for the majority of us, the results of such a purchase would equate to a 'pretty vacant' bank account.


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