The Ramones' landmark 1976 debut will return to stores later this year with a remastered and expanded edition issued in honor of the album's 40th anniversary.

Due July 29, the deluxe Ramones adds a healthy assortment of extras, including a hefty set of in-depth liner notes that adds production notes from producer Craig Leon, an essay written by journalist Mitchell Cohen and additional shots from photographer Roberta Bayley, who took the picture on the album cover. Packaged in a 12x12 hardcover book, the anniversary edition adds a pair of extra discs to the record, as well as a vinyl disc.

The first CD offers stereo and mono mixes of Ramones, both assembled by Leon. On the second disc, fans will find 18 single edits and demos, while the third disc adds two sets recorded at the Roxy on Aug. 12, 1976. Finally, the set is rounded out by a vinyl disc offering Leon's 40th anniversary mono mix of the LP.

"The earliest mixes of the album were virtually mono," said Leon. "We had an idea to record at Abbey Road and do both a mono and stereo version of the album, which was unheard of at the time. I'm thrilled that now, 40 years later, we followed through on that original idea."

Available in a limited edition run of 19,760 individually numbered copies, Ramones is available now for pre-order through the band's official online store. Visit the site to view a complete track listing and to purchase your copy.

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