Oh mama mia, mama mia, Oh my God. That’s our reaction after watching the amateur hopefuls 2 Squar’d perform Queen’s classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on ‘X Factor.’

Let’s be realistic here: It’s not like we could have done any better, but when Paula Abdul suggested the track to the members of 2 Squar’d, they must have had a few salty thoughts about the musical cards that they had just been dealt. (For us, that 800 voice chorus would have us wondering, "how are we going to pull that off?")

It was a wince-worthy performance. Even though they captured the basic spirit of the original pretty well, there were a number of off-key notes that were pretty far out of the ballpark. It’s safe to say that they probably won’t be getting the call to fill in for Queen anytime soon. (And besides, it seems quite possible that Lady Gaga will have that covered, should the Queen boys decide they want to entertain the idea).

Watch 2 Squar'd Perform 'Bohemian Rhapsody' On 'X Factor'