Paul Rodgers has heard rumors that he may be invited to reunite with Queen for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and doesn't seem bothered in the least: "I would be open to something like that."

As he tells Billboard, "I must say, (Queen + Paul Rodgers) did great. I think we did fantastically well. We were up against potential disaster, really, and I think we really pulled it off. Toured the world a couple of times. Made a brand new studio album (2008's 'The Cosmos Rock'). I just didn't want to do it forever...but for something like (the Olympics), that would be ideal."

Rodgers is the first to admit that "nobody's Freddie Mercury." When asked about the Queen Extravaganza, the tribute band that Roger Taylor is putting together, Rodgers fully supports the idea, but he also notes (and he'd know better than most) that anybody who tries this will have to rely on bringing something of their own to the table.

While waiting for that possible Olympics invite, Rodgers remains very active, having just released three  home videos and compact discs that chronicle concerts throughout his career. He's also considering writing a book that would document his 43 years of adventures with Free, Bad Company, and the Firm as well as his solo career.