UPDATE: The video has been removed by the user.

Now, maybe Rihanna's fan base can belatedly discover this Paul McCartney guy, too.

Her official website has premiered another outside-the-box McCartney collaboration called 'FourFiveSeconds,' again fronted by Kanye West. Check it out via the above embed.

McCartney's involvement with 'FourFiveSeconds' initially became clear earlier this month when it was mentioned by rapper Ty Dolla $ign, who appears both on this new track and on the earlier McCartney/West song 'Only One.' West also played a snippet of 'FourFiveSeconds,' revealing that it was acoustic focused and featured Rihanna, during an appearance this week at the iHeart Music Summit. (He went on to reveal some hilariously intimate conversations with Paul about what sex was like during the Beatles' hey day.)

'FourFiveSeconds,' available for purchase now via iTunes, was completed with additional contributions from Dave Longstreth, frontman with the Dirty Projectors; Kirby Lauryen, and producers Dallas Austin and Mike Dean. There's apparently more to come, too. "I heard they shot the video recently," Ty Dolla $ign confirmed. "I know it's crazy, so just be looking out for [it]."

He added that 'FourFiveSeconds' was intended for West's forthcoming new album. And if West's longtime friend and barber can be believed, it looks like Ye's upcoming album may be entirely co-produced by McCartney.

West's initial work with McCartney led to a series of tweets by youthful followers wondering just who this new collaborator was -- and predicting huge success for Paul now that the rapper had given him this big break.

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