Classic rockers like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and more are planning to participate in the always hilarious Jimmy Fallon's first comedy album in a decade. The comedian/late night talk show host/former 'SNL' star will release 'Blow Your Pants Off,' his first comedy disc since 2002's 'The Bathroom Wall,' on June 12. Clearly, Fallon has friends in high places.

Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam has also been tapped to appear, as has Justin Timberlake. From the looks of it, Fallon has assembled an A-list guest list.

Familiar Fallon bits, skits and characters, like his spot on Neil Young impression, should find their way onto the disc, even though the AV Club reports that Fallon said other original material will also be featured. The funnyman recently parodied PJ's 'Jeremy' so it's not like he is alienating artists with his takes and send ups of their material.

We can't wait to see how Fallon utilizes McCartney, Springsteen and Vedder. That's a triumvirate of rock legends right there. It certainly ups the "must hear" factor of Fallon's latest foray into recorded comedy.

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