Ozzy Osbourne's 'Ozzy's Boneyard' radio channel has officially launched on SiriusXM. In an interview on the station, the Prince of Darkness wasted no time addressing his Black Sabbath partner Tony Iommi's current cancer battle, joking that he told the guitarist "if he dies, I'm gonna kill him."

On a more serious note, Osbourne said that he is touched by fans' continued support of his friend: "He doesn't have a brother, he doesn't have a sister — it's just him and his wife and the members of Black Sabbath. So any encouragement, any support (is appreciated)."

The recently announced reunion of Black Sabbath for a new studio album and tour has been threatened by two big events so far: Iommi's health battle and the possible departure of drummer Bill Ward, a situation that seems to get nastier by the minute.

'Ozzy's Boneyard' launched on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 6 PM ET at channel 38 on your SiriusXM unit. The interview with Ozzy is one of the first early highlights of the programming schedule. A whole host of content is planned around the Black Sabbath reunion and other Ozzy endeavors.

The channel will also include the regular special 'The Diary of a Madman,' which will feature Ozzy's thoughts and musings on everything from music to life itself. Now that we gotta tune in for.

There will also be a segment called 'God Bless the Prince of Darkness,' which will feature musicians, members of the Osbourne family members and other persons of interest sharing their stories about, love for and appreciation of the one and only Ozzy Osbourne.

The channel will also include music from a variety of hard rock and metal artists, including Metallica and AC/DC.

"After everything I've been through in my career I never imagined I'd end up with my own radio channel on SiriusXM. This is f---ng amazing! Does this mean I can play whatever I want?," Ozzy said in a statement.

Have you tuned in yet?

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