Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne, who was friends with Kurt Cobain in high school and whose band opened for Nirvana at their last concert, says that the vast majority of the recent documentary Montage of Heck was "total bulls---."

"I went to high school with Kurt and was a big part of all the Nirvana guys’ lives before and after they became famous. I was there for the beginning and I was there for the end, for the very good and the very bad... The one thing no one gets about Cobain," Osbourne explains in an essay on the Talkhouse. "[is that] he was a master of jerking your chain."

Perhaps the most significant revelation / accusation is the Cobain's much-discussed stomach problems were completely fabricated. "Kurt told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with his stomach," Osbourne asserts. "He made it up for sympathy and so he could use it as an excuse to stay loaded. Of course he was vomiting – that's what people on heroin do."

Osbourne also has harsh words for Cobain's widow, Courtney Love. "When Courtney speaks, the truth is certainly there, but God only knows where it begins and ends. In the 20 years since Kurt's death, the undisputed facts of some of her stories seem to change almost hourly. I remain unconvinced in regards to her testimony, and I don't think I'm alone."

Among the Love stories Osbourne disputes: That Cobain initially tried to kill himself simply because his wife thought about cheating on him. "Wow. That’s a whole lot different from the stories he told me in regards to Courtney’s behavior," says Osbourne, apparently insinuating that Cobain was aware or suspicious of previous infidelities on Love's part. "And this was well before he ended up dead. And that’s just one example."

Osbourne also takes apart Montage of Heck stories such as Cobain's reported attempts to have sex with an overweight and mentally challenged classmate, and attempting to kill himself on train tracks. "I find it amusing that the filmmakers never bothered to fact-check simple stuff like this, and just took Kurt and Courtney at their word," he says, before summing up the movie as "mostly misguided fiction."

The Melvins are currently touring across the country in support of their excellent 2014 album Hold It In. You can get their complete tour itinerary right here.

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