Nine Inch Nails played their first live show in more than three years last night, kicking off a tour at the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh, N.C.

The concert featured many of their classics, plus back-to-back performances of two David Bowie songs which you can watch below, "I'm Afraid of Americans" and "Fashion."

A complete set list (via is also available below.

Nine Inch Nails toured with Bowie in 1995, the same year frontman Trent Reznor co-produced "I'm Afraid of Americans," one of the singles from Bowie's 1997 album, Earthling.

Watch Nine Inch Nails Perform David Bowie's 'I'm Afraid of Americans' Live

A particularly close bond, both musical and personal, formed between the two singers. Reznor has even credited Bowie with encouraging him on a path to sobriety.

"His music really helped me relate to myself and figure out who I was," Reznor said to Rolling Stone, shortly after Bowie's death in 2016. "He was a tremendous inspiration in terms of what was possible, what the role of an entertainer could be – that there are no rules."

Nine Inch Nails are currently scheduled to perform a few more U.S. concerts before heading overseas in June for a run of shows in the U.K.

Watch Nine Inch Nails Perform David Bowie's 'Fashion' Live

Nine Inch Nails, Red Hat Amphitheater, Raleigh, N.C., 4/28/22, Set List
1. "Somewhat Damaged"
2. "The Day the World Went Away"
3. "The Frail"
4. "The Wretched"
5. "March of the Pigs"
6. "1,000,000"
7. "Survivalism"
8. "Piggy"
9. "Closer" (with "The Only Time" breakdown)
10. "The Perfect Drug"
11. "The Becoming"
12. "This Isn't the Place"
13. "Every Day Is Exactly the Same" (first performance since 2006)
14. "I'm Afraid of Americans" (David Bowie cover)
15. "Fashion" (David Bowie cover) (live debut)
16. "Only"
17. "The Hand That Feeds"
18. "Head Like a Hole"

19. "Reptile"
20. "And All That Could Have Been"
21. "Hurt"

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