Tesla fans have endured a long wait between new studio albums from the band, but their patience could pay off as soon as this summer.

Guitarist Frank Hannon shared an update on the group's plans for new music during a recent interview with Mitch Lafon, revealing that their next album — which, as previously reported, is being produced by Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen — has been tentatively scheduled for a June release.

As Hannon told Lafon — and you can hear their discussion above — the band looked at Collen as a producer with particularly distinct qualifications. "Phil had a great amount of energy and compassion for the band, and when he showed us that he had that for us, we wanted to give it a shot," said Hannon. "And it's the first time that we've ever made a record where we've let someone come in and co-write the songs and really teach us some new things."

Although Collen's multi-platinum past definitely had something to do with Tesla's willingness to yield a little extra creative control, Hannon made it clear that their ultimate goal was to produce an album that would take risks and help their music continue evolving — and he assured listeners that the end result would be worth the wait.

"I'm always motivated to keep learning and keep trying new things," Hannon added. "On this album, I would say it was Phil Collen who got the band as a group motivated to try some new stuff and to learn some new recording techniques and new ways to write songs. So Phil Collen has motivated Tesla at this point."

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