After considerable delay, 'Time Fades Away,' Neil Young's live album from 1973, will finally be re-released. The record has been kept out-of-print for years by Young, who called it "a total joke" and "the worst record I ever made" in 1987.

However, true to Young's form, it seems 'Time Fades Away' will not be available on CD, mp3 or even his proprietary Pono format. The record will only be available on vinyl as part of Record Store Day on April 19. Further complicating the matter is that it will be sold as part of a box set including 'On the Beach,' 'Tonight's the Night' and 'Zuma.' Production of the 180-gram vinyl set will be limited to 3,500 copies.

The bulk of 'Time Fades Away' -- 'Love in Mind' dates from 1971 -- was recorded while Young was on a massive tour with the Stray Gators in support of his blockbuster hit, 'Harvest.' But he included no songs from the record. In the liner notes for the 'Decade' compilation, he wrote, "Money hassles among everyone concerned ruined this tour and record for me but I released it anyway so you folks could see what could happen if you lose it for a while. I was becoming more interested in an audio verite approach than satisfying the public demands for a repetition of "Harvest.'"

Young had planned to release 'Time Fades Away' on CD in 1995, but pulled it at the last minute, even after test pressings were made. For years, die-hard fans have long-clamored for it, even officially petitioning the U.S. government to force Young to put it out on compact disc. The petition has gained more than 16,300 signatures since 2005.

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