After going head-to-head against some of the biggest bands of the rock era -- and handily trouncing them all in our 100 percent fan-voted polls -- the Moody Blues have earned their place in the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame.

Given that they haven't released an album of all-new material since 'Strange Times' in 1999, one might think fans' fondness for the Moodies had worn off a little, but that clearly isn't the case. After taking more than 75 percent of the vote against the Who in the opening round, they topped 80 percent in the semifinals against the Beach Boys -- and then racked up nearly 90 percent against Cream in the final round.

One of rock's longest-tenured bands, the Moody Blues got their start in 1964 and scored a hit almost immediately with their cover of the Bessie Banks single 'Go Now.' Initially focusing on R&B covers, the band branched out to original material -- and before the end of the decade, they'd altered their approach more or less completely, adopting a more melodramatic sound that incorporated classical sounds and helped shape the emerging wave of progressive rock bands.

Over time, the Moodies' sound continued to evolve, helping the band string together a truly impressive run of hits that extended well into the '80s and found them absorbing then-current trends like synths and drum machines into their romantic songwriting approach. While they appear to be dormant as a recording act for now, they remain a steady draw on the live circuit; in fact, they'll return to the U.S. for a North American tour next spring.

Perennial victims of an unaccountable snubbing by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Moody Blues may not care about enshrinement in the other Rock Hall, but their fans clearly wanted the band in ours -- and we're more than happy to welcome them.

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