Let he who is without rock cast the first stone! Metallica's James Hetfield recently took aim, figuratively and literally, at a member of the paparazzi. While on a nice little relaxing vacation over Christmas with his family in Punta del Este, Uruguay, Hetfeild was followed by photographers, which did not sit well the the Metallica frontman.  

According to starfeine.com, Hetfield and son Castor were out taking a moped ride in the countryside on Christmas day and the paparazzi would not give them their peace. After confronting the photographers a few times to no avail,  he took the next step and decided to take action!

So how did he retaliate? An understandably angered Hetfield reportedly threw rocks at the photogs in an effort to show them he meant business. Photos show Hetfield getting in the face of one shutterbug and armed with ammo in another.

The paparzzi have long been a source of annoyance for celebrities, and although we have seen many a celeb lash out at the vermin, this may be the first armed attack! Give 'em hell James! No time to call out the metal militia on this one, it was time to hit the lights and fight fire with fire ... ok we're out of Metalli-puns now.