Lou Reed & Metallica have launched the website for their upcoming collaborative album at www.LouReedMetallica.com. The site features a photograph of the five musicians together and not much else.

Reed's official website links to the page in a brief news item posted today (Aug.17), so we're assuming it is legitimate. In addition to the photo (see above) the page currently reads "Lou Reed and Metallica" then "Coming Soon" and.. that's it. No further pages, no e-mail sign-up form, no Twitter or Facebook links, and most importantly, no music or word on when exactly we're going to hear this highly anticipated album.

Back on June 15, Metallica and Reed announced they were "90 percent" finished recording a new record together.  The legendary metal band and the former Velvet Underground frontman apparently formed an unlikely but strong bond while performing together at the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concerts.

Since then we've heard Reed immodestly describe the album as "awe-inspiring," found out they're working on the cover art with famed photographer Anton Corbjin, and debated amongst ourselves Five Things That Could Go Right and Five Things That Could Go Wrong with this partnership.

Visit LouReedMetallica.com