Metallica's Lars Ulrich pens the opening liner notes for the 25th anniversary reissue of Megadeth's 'Peace Sells' album, which will be in stores on Tuesday, calling his former bandmate's work “a great album, a timeless album.”

Going in-depth, Ulrich illustrates the traditional pitfalls of heavy metal albums, a medium which he says “often does not age gracefully.”

But as Ulrich writes, “this beast thankfully does not have any aging issues.” He goes on to say “the music is as ferocious as ever... one continuous motion of riffs, melody, snarling vocals, roaring solos, sideways drumming and general all around over-the-top-ness.”

Ulrich talks about the moment when he finally got the chance to see the band perform 'My Last Words,' his favorite track from 'Peace Sells.' Lars was in attendance to see Megadeth at the Cow Palace last August, and watched from the side of the stage as the band performed the track live for the first time in many years, as a special treat for Ulrich.

As he would find out later, the performance was a surprise moment not only for him personally, but also for several of the band members, who learned about frontman Dave Mustaine's plans to include the track in the setlist only a short time prior to performing it.

Ulrich's liner notes sum up 'Peace Sells' as “a record that will always hold a special place in my heart as well as a special place in the history of hard rock. Simply because of its greatness. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The words from Ulrich form the latest episode in an extended period of fence-mending between one-time Metallica member Mustaine and his former bandmates after years of estrangement from each other.

Metallica recently collaborated with Lou Reed on a surprise album's worth of material that Reed himself has called 'awe-inspiring.' Reed says the album will probably be released in November.

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