Metallica’s James Hetfield helps explore the crippling effect of absentee fathers and disengaged dads in the upcoming documentary titled 'Absent,' which will be available on DVD this Sept. 5. The heavy metal frontman speaks in the film from first-hand experience, having been deserted by his father at the young age of 13.

“He left without saying goodbye. He left a note and it wasn’t even to me. I wasn’t the man, I wasn’t taught to step up,” he tells filmmaker James Hunt.

Hunt aims to change the face of families with this film, asking viewers to "join the fight to get fatherhood back." As he explains, “Our father is the first person who either chooses us or he doesn’t, he’s the first one in the outside world to do that.” 'Absent' addresses these father wounds, hoping to change the past by not re-creating it.

Hetfield confesses that getting through other things in his life, including rehab, has made him more comfortable in sharing his own story and admits that “it’s healing” to talk about it. Having three children at home, he’s discovered that he doesn’t have to have all the answers, instead stating that just ‘being there’ is of the utmost significance.

A disturbing yet enlightening topic, 'Absent' is clearly very important to Hetfield, as his involvement with the documentary goes beyond participating in the film. He’s appeared in TV interviews and screenings with Hunt that feature Q&A time with the audience before and after the showings.

In other Metallica news, Hetfield and his bandmates are proving to be good providers for their other family, the loyal members of the band's fan club, with a special series of bargain-priced shows in San Francisco celebrating their 30th anniversary.