With a tour coming up and a No. 1 album on the charts, Metallica seem to be just about everywhere these days — even at the grocery store deli counter.

The band members recently taped a segment for comedian Billy Eichner's Billy on the Street series, and true to the show's name, it found them out in public — specifically at a Gelson's supermarket in Hollywood. TMZ's cameras were naturally on the scene, and scooped Eichner's own show by capturing the host leading the group through a rendition of "Enter Sandman" – including some sing-along action from the staff at the deli counter. You can check it out via the above video embed.

During their visit to L.A., Metallica also stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where they stuck around for most of the episode, performed material from their new Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct LP, and sat for a round of Kimmel's "Who Knows" game, in which artists compete against hardcore fans to see who has a better command of their obscure trivia.

Metallica's competition, a guy named Dave, found himself at a distinct disadvantage facing four-on-one odds — not to mention an aggressive James Hetfield, who repeatedly tried to keep him from even buzzing in to answer questions — in a battle for either a signed guitar (if Metallica lost) or Dave's wallet and everything in it (if Dave lost). Prior to Metallica's appearance, no fan had ever lost a round of "Who Knows." Was Dave the first? Find out by watching the segment below.

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