What does Metallica have in common with U2, Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, and 'Glee'?

Not much, admittedly. But according to a recent report, the veteran rock band is about to join the list of unlikely pop culture icons that have starred in 3D films. 

Nothing is known about what exactly Metallica has in mind for the project, but according to Hollywood scoopster Mike Fleming at Deadline, they've hired producer Charlotte Huggins -- whose 3D credits include 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' and its upcoming sequel -- to help them bring it to the screen.

The next order of business is finding a director that passes muster with the famously quarrelsome quartet, whose turbulent relationships were explored in the 2004 documentary 'Some Kind of Monster.'

In the meantime, Metallica will have its hands full promoting 'Lulu,' the new album they recently recorded with legendary grouch-rock poet Lou Reed, which is scheduled for release next week.