In today's edition of This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, reports out of Paraguay indicate that Megadeth's Aug. 20 show at the Sport Colombia stadium in Asuncion came to an early end after fans crashed security gates around the stage and caused "a stampede that left several injured."

InterAksyon (via BraveWords) describes the show as already "rowdy" before the gates were breached, saying vendors were selling beer in glass bottles that witnesses report seeing "hurled onto the stage" by members of the audience.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine took to Twitter to explain the show's abrupt conclusion, telling fans his side of the story and pointing out that when things go haywire in a concert environment, the band and the audience are both at risk.

"Dear Paraguay," wrote Mustaine. "After all three barricades broke and hundreds of fans crushed three security guards, almost killing one female fan, we regretfully had to cancel the show. Please understand that your safety is just as important as ours and after all the security went in the pit someone ran onto the stage, a bottle was thrown, and we'll let you know as soon as we can reschedule and come back. Lo siento. This is out of our hands and we will make sure when we return to use a different venue, security, and promoter. Again, Lo siento mucho."

To back up his claims — which have been echoed by a number of fans who've interacted with him via Twitter since the show — Mustaine also included a snapshot of what he described as a stage barricade "held by a string."

The group is scheduled to remain south of the border through early September, when they're set to wrap up a three-night stand in Mexico with an appearance at the Mexico Metal Fest in Monterrey on Sept. 3. Megadeth's next round of U.S. shows begins Sept. 20 in Wyoming and currently runs through mid-October. Visit the band's official site for details and ticketing information.

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