Megadeth have unveiled their own cryptocurrency, appropriately titled $MEGA.

“$MEGA is the official cryptocurrency of Megadeth and our community,” proclaimed a message popsted to the band's website. “By buying, holding, and transacting with $MEGA, fans will gain access to exclusives and premium benefits.”

Those perks increase for people who are members of Megadeth's fan club, known as the Cyber Army.

“Cyber Army members that also hold $MEGA will unlock additional exclusives, access, and offers,” the announcement explained. “Premium and Digital Cyber Army members automatically get some free $MEGA.”

Like all cryptocurrencies, the value of $MEGA will continually fluctuate. The band recommended holding “at least 10 $MEGA to get access to exclusive content, special tour access, Q+A’s, hangouts with the band, and special items,” while also promising “special things coming up soon for $MEGA holders.”

Though the concept of cryptocurrencies may be confusing to some, there’s no denying the industry’s rapid growth. There are currently more than 10,000 different cryptocurrencies available for purchase, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin among the more popular.

Megadeth’s venture into the world of crypto also reflects a growing trend in the world of band merchandise. Kings of Leon garnered headlines back in March when they became the first group to release an album as an NFT, a form of cryptocurrency that holds art or assets, rather than monetary value. Meanwhile, other artists -- including Avenged Sevenfold and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park -- have continued pushing the boundaries in similar ways, offering limited edition singles, artwork, experiences and more via NFT/Crypto distributions. In April, a Megadeth NFT titled Vic Rattlehead: Genesis sold for more than $18,000, further proving the format's worth.

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