Things seem to be heating up in the Meat Vs. Meat squabble. There have been some new revelations surrounding the legal case of Meat Loaf 'the original' suing Meat Loaf 'the imposter' for squatting on the domain name, showing that the feud dates back close to a decade.

Dean Torkington, who has fronted ‘To Hell and Back: A Tribute to Meat Loaf’ since 1996, told the Daily Mail that the bad blood with Meat Loaf can be traced back to 2003. After a Meat Loaf show, Torkington was personally invited backstage by the star he proudly emulates during his tribute show. However, things quickly turned ugly when Torkington was “ordered” by Meat Loaf to remove the artwork from his custom-painted van that features the ‘Bat Out of Hell’ album artwork on it.

“I got a tap on my shoulder and this guy tells me Meat Loaf wanted to see me after the show,” Torkington explains. “I went backstage and I had him and his manager having a go at me. He said he wanted all the pictures off the side of my van, and also he wanted my web address,”

Since then it’s been a battle, as Torkington adds, “Earlier this month I received a copy of the lawsuit posted to my home and emailed. I have every intention of defending this to protect my good name and will not be bullied in this way.” He continued, “I really don’t see what his gripe is or legally where he is coming from, I am not guilty of cyber squatting or passing myself off as him.”

Torkington explained that his transformation into Meat Loaf came out of necessity as he used to be an Elton John tribute act. After gaining weight he decided to channel his energy into becoming Meat Loaf. But after all the controversy, Torkington has decided that Elton John might be the kinder, gentler option, saying, “I've gone back to doing Elton John tribute acts more now as a result of all this. It's less hassle than being a Meat Loaf tribute act any day.”

After recently losing a lot of weight, Torkington has broadened his show as well with a ‘Legends of Rock’ show that includes tributes to not only Elton John but Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.

Hopefully the Meats can meet in the middle and end their beef once and for all.