Meat Loaf has denied passing out at a recent gig in New Jersey after TMZ poked fun at him for allegedly doing so. The 63-year-old singer went straight to the source and directly responded to gossip site by recording a video message insisting that his health is fine.

TMZ originally picked up the story after Meat Loaf collapsed on stage in Pittsburgh, Pa., on July 28 due to asthma. Three days later, when at the Balloon Festival in New Jersey attended by 20,000 fans, temperatures hit 106 and his asthma caused him more trouble.

Images of Meat Loaf on the ground receiving oxygen and a rehydration solution called Pedialyte were circulated. Still, he adopted a "the show must go on" attitude and even engaged in a meet and greet with fans post-show. Furthermore, he posed for photographs, claiming a "wonderful time was had by all."

After stating that the news story was "a lot of hot air," the artist, whose 1977 album 'Bat Out of Hell' is the third biggest selling record of all time, confirmed that “the only hot air was in the balloons at the end of the show when they went up and it was fantastic!”

Meat Loaf refuses to rest and will continue his planned tour through October. Nothing, not heat or asthma, can sideline the man, the myth, the legend that is Meat Loaf.

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