Marianne Faithfull has been forced to cancel four upcoming concerts after fracturing her sacrum, the bone at the base of her back.

Vintage Vinyl News is reporting that the singer suffered the injury while on vacation in California last month. After spending four weeks in a hospital, she has recently returned to her home in Paris to continue her recuperation.

The dates in question are tonight's (Aug. 17) show in Beirut, Lebanon, Sept. 16 in New York and two shows the next week in Chicago. Faithfull disclosed the news via the following message to her fans.

I am so sad I won't be able to sing for you on Saturday. I broke my back in July and hoped and prayed I would be better enough to be able to do the performance on 17th August, although it's not very long, but my recovery was going well. Alas

I have never been to the Lebanon though I know it through books. It looks like one of the most beautiful places in the world. I still hope to be able to come one day not too far away when I'm completely healed and have my dream to sing in Beirut come true.

There has been no further information regarding the rescheduling of the tour. We wish Faithfull all the best in her recovery.

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