What's more metal than obesity, high cholesterol and hardened arteries?

Not a heck of a lot, judging from the audio mayhem unleashed by Mac Sabbath, a mysterious band of ear-splitting parodists who twist Black Sabbath's greatest hits into songs about fast food -- and do it while dressed up as creepy variations on McDonald's mascots.

Digital Spy is just one of the multitude of outlets that have covered Mac Sabbath in recent days, but they sum the whole thing up about as succinctly as anyone, writing that "without question, this is the weirdest band we've ever seen." That isn't exactly an insult when you're talking about a group forging ahead into a brand new subgenre they describe as "Drive-Thru Metal."

You can get a, um, taste of Mac Sabbath in the above video, where they perform their 'Iron Man' parody, 'Frying Pan,' and obtain plenty of additional information at the band's Facebook page, which offers the inside story on "Ronald Osbourne and the whole gang in full regalia playing all their hits like 'Sweet Beef' and 'Chicken for the Slaves' in a multi-media show with video, theatrics, audience participation and singalongs."

Under the "Bio" section of the page, manager Mike Odd describes the band as a "truly underground entity," but hastens to add that Mac Sabbath are looking for exposure -- although "the money and circumstances will have to be right." Open to booking the band in "a legitimate venue," he writes, "I have recently convinced Ronald Osbourne and the gang to come out of hiding and play some above ground shows and allow me to bring them into the light."

If you do happen to book the band, however, beware: There's a strict no-cellphone policy, because "they have traveled here through a very delicate part of the time space continuum and that this will damage society as we know it. I am working on how to get around that."

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