An orchestral version of the 1975 Led Zeppelin classic 'Kashmir' recorded by the the all-girl Australian/British string quartet Bond is featured in a new trailer for 'John Carter,' a science fiction film based on author Edgar Rice Burroughs' 11-volume 'Barsoom' series that's due to hit theaters next year.

Bond covered the tune for their 2002 album 'Shine,' which features classical crossover versions of a variety of different songs, including an adaptation of (appropriately, given their name) the James Bond movie theme song.

Bond's arrangement of 'Kashmir' that's used in the 'John Carter' trailer seems to have a men's choral section thrown on top near the end for added drama.

It's not the first time a remake of 'Kashmir' has been used for a movie. In 1998, rapper P Diddy famously re-recorded the song with Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page's permission -- and his guitar playing -- as 'Come With Me,' which also featured an orchestral version of 'Kashmir,' but with Diddy rapping on top.

Regardless, the use of the 'Kashmir' in 'John Carter' seems to work well, bringing propulsive rhythms and a building sonic tension that matches the epic grandeur of the sci-fi flick.

Check Out the Trailer for 'John Carter' Featuring Bond's Version of 'Kashmir':

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