We wouldn't believe this cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' if we didn't see it with out own eyes -- and to be totally honest, we're still having a hard time. Actor Michael Winslow -- best known for playing Sgt. Larvelle "Motor Mouth" Jones in the 'Police Academy' movies -- recently turned up on the Norwegian talk show 'Senkveld med Thomas og Harald,' of all places, to offer up a "cover" of the Zep classic. Does Winslow even speak Norwegian? Luckily, no translator is needed for what happened next.

With some dude accompanying on acoustic guitar playing the basic cords, Winslow fires up his sound effects machine (a.k.a his mouth) to bust out some of the most amazing beat-boxed drums, mimed electric guitar and a spot-on impersonation of Robert Plant's soaring vocals that you will ever hear. We're not foolin'!

His big John Bonham beats and sexy Plant snarl are pretty amazing, but it's his scorching, feedback-drenched Jimmy Page electric guitar licks that really boggle the mind. Go ahead, close your eyes and try to tell us it's not the real deal. It's so dead on, we wouldn't be surprised if Winslow took notes on what kind of amp and stomp boxes Page used for the song, then carefully tuned up his six-string Les Paul mouth before plugging in and playing.

We're not quite sure what's more impressive: that he nailed the solo pretty much note-for-note, or just the fact that he reproduce the sound of a jacked-up electric guitar with is mouth. And who the hell knew that you can make a mouth feedback? Good thing he didn't try to smash it at the end of the song.

As The Onion pointed out, fans of Winslow know that this isn't some crazy new thing, and the actor has been doing Led Zeppelin songs for years. Check out the new 'Whole Lotta' Love' and an archival clip of him performing 'Immigrant Song' back in the day.

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