Performances of Led Zeppelin's 'Black Dog' by various bands, music students, fans, and even Grover the Muppet, are culled together in Kutiman's impressive 'My Favorite Band' YouTube mashup video.

The Israeli-born artist, who has become an internet hero for creating original songs out of musical samples from unrelated videos posted on YouTube -- check out 2009's 'ThruYou' if you don't get what we're talking about -- tells Wired magazine he chose a Zeppelin song for his first-ever cover song because they were "one of a few bands I was listening to growing up in a small village. Working on this song was great fun with a touch of nostalgia.”

Dozens of musicians unknowingly contribute to this collective performance of 'Black Dog,' with Kutiman somehow managing to keep the beat and groove intact while switching the audio and video across different performances, ranging from instructional videos, small club concert footage, talent shows and home-recorded clips. iPhones, pianos and cellos all get their time in the spotlight as well. Enjoy!

Watch Kutiman's Mash-Up Video for Led Zeppelin's 'Black Dog'

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